I love to raise plants. But sadly, I’m really bad at raising plants because I mostly forget to water it. My family and I raised lots of plants in our house such as herbs, cacti and even small trees! This webpage would be about my favourite plants.


This cactus is personally one of my favourite kinds of cactus. Echeveria is unique because it doesn’t have spikes where most of the others cacti do. I like to raise cacti because you don’t have to worry a lot about giving water to it.


This type of flower is very unique. When I was young, I loved to blow the seeds of the plant. It’s completely harmless to the flower since if you blow this flower, its seed would fly and reproduce more dandelions.

Morning Glory

This type of flower blooms when it becomes morning and it looks like a trumpet. It also produces heart-shaped leaves. Morning Glory is most famous for its purple color, but there are also red, white and pink.


This is my favourite fragrant flower. Like Morning Glory, it’s known for its purple color. The lavender oil from this flower can help reduce stress and anxiety. Also, it can be used to soothe aching muscles and joints.


This is personally my favorite flower. This flower looks very “fluffy” and it has lots of variety of colors such as pink, white, red, yellow, and scarlet. Traditionally in Korea, when it’s Parent’s day, lots of children give carnations to their parents.